Black Textured Leather Wallet With ID Holder & Hidden Pockets

This was for a family member – the deal? Use it and provide me with feedback (good & bad).  One evaluator said he had a problem – the pockets stretched out.  He also said it may have been his fault in that he put lots of cards in the pockets…

I used a textured cowhide, (about 3 oz or 1.2 mm thick) for the interior & extrior pockets and recycled garment leather for the pockets & ID flap. The test here? Can the garment grade leather hold up or will it stretch.

On the left and under the ID holder, I used two pockets and on the right side interior I used three pocket.

Inside the bill slot.

So far the feed back is it looks great and is sturdy.  The flap and wallet close, but the carrier wants the overall profile to lay flatter.  His feedback is it may come with time and use.  It may be just the bulk since I lined the bill slot and added the hidden pockets – a little larger gap (middle fold area) may help with that too…