A Prototype I Will Carry

This is my take on a commercially available handbag made by one of the big name, mass-producers.

(Approximate ¬†dimensions: 13″ x 8.5″x 4″ ¬†8.75″ drop)

proto blk napa purple croc vinyl front 2
Black upcycled napa leather with purple faux crocodile vinyl and my new logo on the front. I considered putting the logo on the back, but I opted to show it off!
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl back
This is the back side of the bag. I tried using different internal components and will carry the bag to see how the materials hold up to daily wear and tear.
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl side
The side is upcycled garment grade leather; I am not sure I like the way it lays. The straps were a new technique too; I like the way they look and will test them for length and durability.
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl bottom
This was an experiment in that it is a flat-bottom bag and stitched differently than my “theme” bags. This being the case, feet were a must!
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl inside back pocket
Back interior zip pocket – this individual pocket was no big deal to make, but the whole lining! Lots of work – not sure if I will attempt this type of divided lining again…
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl inside front pocket
This is the front inside pocket; I like the “pleat” of this divided patch pocket. My stuff is more accessible.
proto blk napa purple croc vinyl inside ctr zip pocket
Center divider zippered pocket. Just loading my junk into this bag, I can see how much I do like the pockets and space…now how to morph this pattern so it is less labor intensive and more forgiving of my “engineering” skills!

My New Logo

tm stamp final

Where has the time gone – September is right around the corner!

After many renditions I am happy to present my LOGO!

I had an idea and worked with Juan, (a friend of a friend) and we came up with this little gem.

Soooo worth the wait!

(See the bottom section under the “about me tab” for Juan, the stamp maker, and “web guy” information)