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Pink Leather Baby Shoes with Flowers

Congratulations to a friend of mine and his wife on the birth of their daughter this fall.  I wanted to do something special since Jayme has been so supportive of me and my quest with this little hobby of mine…

Top view. Each shoe is hand stitched and alledges finished with leather edge paint. In the center of the little hand-cut flowers I used a peridot (green) colored stone rivet.
These Mary Jane styled shoes have tie closures and are lined with a cotton blend polka dot fabric.
For add a more finished look, I top stitched along either side of the back stitches. Each of the little tags has a hand stitched “S” for Spadoni. The yellow ends on the ribbon are leather edge paint to prevent the ribbon from fraying. Now if I can only find the right box.

Thank you again, Tim for helping me with my site/blog.


For a dancing munchkin

This was a tuxedo of sorts for a family member performing in a certain school play…

tux front
Lime green faux fur & striped calf length pants made from an off the shelf pattern.
tux back
Split tails on this tuxedo and matching flowers instead of buttons.
shoe cvr1
Black and lime green felt shoe covers. I stuffed the curled toes and added more matching flowers. Fun stuff!


Assorted Animals

leopard geckos 2
After seeing the kids fall in love with real leopard geckos, I designed these for the kids one Christmas.
turtle r side
This little guy was an original pattern, made of fleece with hand sewn eyes and nostrils for a friend’s son.

hotdog vendor monkey full

This little fellow was for a monkey loving family member who enjoys hot dogs. (Off the shelf pattern)

octopus 1
Lime green fleece and safety eyes were used on this original design for a friend’s son.
sock guys
Socks from a discount store and beads for the face. Kind of goofy, but had to try!


Slab Bowls and Other Pieces

I enjoyed making slab bowls and experimenting with textures and colors.

blue bowl
This blue bowl has black oxide splatters & just enough engobe wiped into the textured crevices.

red bowl bottom

This was a similar design with netting for texture.

space 1

I called this piece “Space” – quasi-boxes in black with white spatters and a red shiny interior glaze.

Red & white clay with a clear glaze for this functional serving bowl.
3 leaves 2
Oval dish of white clay with green engobe leaf prints.

lo fire 3 color

An experiment with three clays.