Reverse Engineered Handbag

I bought this handbag in the late 1990s at a London department store; I carried it often and it barely survived my 2007 truck fire (too worn and smelled of fire/smoke to carry).
It took me a while to take it apart, inventory and create the pattern pieces and then work up the courage (and skills!) to make this bag.
I used the original hardware along with a remnant piece of funky textured, almost metallic flannel-backed vinyl for the shell.
I think the handle can be a little thinner and shaped more so it will lay flat on the top edge of the bag. The rigidity is from Texon (thanks to Kayla at Lyn-Fle this is the thickness I needed!)
Another remnant for the inside/lining this was some knit material that worked rather well. I placed my logo under the back zipped pocket.


Metal feet similar to the original. Now that I did this first one, I know more can be done and possibly even with some really nice leather…first I must call Anne or Sandy at Ohio Travel Bag for supplies, I see they have just what I need to make this bag again only with new hardware.

Not your run of the mill trip to the midwest…

So a friend mentioned something he saw on television about an enclosed bone bed that was a museum and working dig site…
It was an amazing adventure; our team was small – just four of us and the site staff. Yes, that is a mammoth skeleton and there are plenty more to be excavated and preserved.
I would recommend this to someone looking for a completely different vacation and would consider doing it again.

Special Outfits for an East Coast College Graduation – where has the year gone?!

A little black dress with tiger print insets to celebrate an East Coast University graduation.
Rather than a black patent pump, I used the same fabric to cover these shoes.
To tie it all together, I put together this little bag of black quilted vinyl double zip openings and a tiger printed chain. Spring rings on either end of the bag allow me to change the chain to silver colored metal.


Look close – the pattern on this is hotdogs! We have an inside family joke of sorts with the Graduate sooo I made this little dress to wear to dinner.