The New Mommy Tote

This is a variation of the other ostrich vinyl totes.  The father-to-be wanted functional picture-holder pockets for the kids’ art, hand and foot prints, and more.

front empty photo holder pockets
Empty pockets (the front & back are the same)
front photo holder pockets full
Front view with full pockets.
back with pics full pocket
Back view with full pockets.
top view closed 2
Extended top zip closure allows easy access to the full interior.
inside w bottle key hook n pockets
Roomy light colored interior with 2 bottle holder loops, a key hook, back zip-top pocket and front open top pocket.
side view
Side seams are top stitched for a finished look.
bottom w feet
Reinforced bottom with silver colored metal feet helps protect the bottom.


Last minute addition was a changing pad to match!

pad open
Two layers of the bag interior vinyl with a layer of quilt batting in between.


The beginnings…

This was my first tote on my industrial machine.

brown n black tote front
I really like the black leather accent with the brown vinyl. Up-cycled leather pocket, bottom and handles.
brown n black tote back
Plain back, but look close – I used animal eyes on the strap ends for fun.
brown n black tote inside back
I still carry this bag – in doing so, I identified what does and doesn’t work in a tote. These handles are a little too short for me…


This was my second tote bag on my industrial machine and the pattern has morphed into what my “ostrich” vinyl bags are today.

green tote front
Green patterned vinyl remnant with upcycled green suede pocket on the front.
green tote back
A plain back.
green tote inside
Up-cycled drapery lining for the interior with a zippered top.


Assorted Animals

leopard geckos 2
After seeing the kids fall in love with real leopard geckos, I designed these for the kids one Christmas.
turtle r side
This little guy was an original pattern, made of fleece with hand sewn eyes and nostrils for a friend’s son.

hotdog vendor monkey full

This little fellow was for a monkey loving family member who enjoys hot dogs. (Off the shelf pattern)

octopus 1
Lime green fleece and safety eyes were used on this original design for a friend’s son.
sock guys
Socks from a discount store and beads for the face. Kind of goofy, but had to try!


My First Commissioned Handbag

This was a special request for a friend’s daughter; she was to have something custom that none of her friends could or would have.

dilbert bag front
Bag front with red tab and metal button closure and clear plastic handles.


dilbert bag back
Bag back with more recycled funnies.



dilbert bag back inside 2 send
A peek inside reveals an open top pocket and recycled drapery lining.


Slab Bowls and Other Pieces

I enjoyed making slab bowls and experimenting with textures and colors.

blue bowl
This blue bowl has black oxide splatters & just enough engobe wiped into the textured crevices.

red bowl bottom

This was a similar design with netting for texture.

space 1

I called this piece “Space” – quasi-boxes in black with white spatters and a red shiny interior glaze.

Red & white clay with a clear glaze for this functional serving bowl.
3 leaves 2
Oval dish of white clay with green engobe leaf prints.

lo fire 3 color

An experiment with three clays.