A flat top for my post machine.

machine front view 1
Sans flat top (awesome for going around corners and such!)


I really like my post machine, but sometimes I’d prefer a larger surface to sew my big flat pieces…so I created this little beauty.  A box just the right size with a little inside support and a hole cut in the top did the trick.

flat top for post machine
Like magic or too ghetto? Dunno, but it works (uh, did I just jinx it?)


For a dancing munchkin

This was a tuxedo of sorts for a family member performing in a certain school play…

tux front
Lime green faux fur & striped calf length pants made from an off the shelf pattern.
tux back
Split tails on this tuxedo and matching flowers instead of buttons.
shoe cvr1
Black and lime green felt shoe covers. I stuffed the curled toes and added more matching flowers. Fun stuff!


Another commissioned bag :)

This is a variation of the ostrich vinyl tote for a friend’s client.  After I finished this bag, I went shopping (read as researching) at a local mall.  While cruising through the bag displays in a big box store, I overheard a woman say to her friend how much she really liked a certain designer’s bag but really disliked the gaudy logo/trinket…it was sooo tempting to offer to make her a bag that she could design and put her OWN initials on.  Then there was a man looking for a bag for his mother.  Again, I resisted temptation – besides I didn’t have a worthy sample on me or any business cards.

front view
No feet, single patch pocket on front. I changed up the straps a bit and cut them to points.


inside back pocket
The zipper opens up so you can get into the full interior of the bag. The back inside pocket has a zipper.
inside front pocket
Front interior open topped pocket.