Another commissioned bag :)

This is a variation of the ostrich vinyl tote for a friend’s client.  After I finished this bag, I went shopping (read as researching) at a local mall.  While cruising through the bag displays in a big box store, I overheard a woman say to her friend how much she really liked a certain designer’s bag but really disliked the gaudy logo/trinket…it was sooo tempting to offer to make her a bag that she could design and put her OWN initials on.  Then there was a man looking for a bag for his mother.  Again, I resisted temptation – besides I didn’t have a worthy sample on me or any business cards.

front view
No feet, single patch pocket on front. I changed up the straps a bit and cut them to points.


inside back pocket
The zipper opens up so you can get into the full interior of the bag. The back inside pocket has a zipper.
inside front pocket
Front interior open topped pocket.